Hello Disciplined Agile Chapter Champions,

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Basics of Disciplined Agile and we want you to have a sneak peek!

The course demonstrates how Disciplined Agile works and provides lightweight guidance to helps teams and organizations streamline their processes and to better fit their context, as well as ultimately build a foundation for true business agility.

After completing this course, practitioners will be able to:    

- Describe what business agility is and how it is core to the value proposition of Disciplined Agile.

- Discuss what is involved in choosing and evolving your Way of Working (WoW) and why it is critical for your team.

- Discover how Disciplined Agile is a hybrid tool kit that extends and improves on techniques such as Scrum and Kanban.

- Apply a guided continuous improvement (GCI) strategy to evolve their WoW to become more effective over time.


Preview the free introductory module now!  https://www.pmi.org/shop/p-/elearning/basics-of-disciplined-agile/dabasicselrn]

We are offering an introductory 15% discount. And we want you to help us celebrate with the global community! 

Project Management Institute