Moderator: Davor Čengija i Nino Zeljko, CROZ

Language: in Croatian

Date: 14th November 2018.
Duration: 8:30 - 16:00 h
10-10.30 Coffee break
12-12.50 Coffee break and Lunch in Spoon 2nd floor
14.30.-15.00 Coffee break
Name of the hall: „ Mljet/ Lastovo”, Plaza Event Centar

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Lunch and coffee break are included in price.

The number of participants in the workshop is limited. Register on time!


O radionici

Agile mindset and values for more predictability and less stress in project management

Modern work and modern projects require a different approach to execution; management methods from the beginning of the last century simply no longer function. At this workshop you can learn more about more appropriate principles, tools and techniques, which are commonly called Agile mindset and values. Why drag it to work instead of pushing it in a new direction, why empirical process control is the way to go, why work incrementally and iteratively, what is lean thinking and how it helps the creative workers? What is Scrum and how it fits in? Join us at the workshop and find out answers to these questions.