Workshop: Leading Smart – Effective Project Leadership
Moderator: Dario Novaković


Date: November 13th 2019

Name of the hall: Mljet/Lastovo

Workshop Schedule: 

Start: 8:30 h Finish: 16:30 h 
Breaks: 10:00-10:30 Coffee break (30 mins) 12:30-13:20 Lunch break (50 mins) 14:30-14:45 Coffee break (15 mins)

Lunch and coffee break are included in price.


The number of participants in the workshop is limited. Register on time!


About workshop:

Project leadership is a complex process that is crucial to successful project management. It is about an individual or group with the ability to motivate, inspire, and steer the project team successfully from start to finish. The leadership role of the project manager is increasingly recognized as a key determinant in delivering success. Successful project managers demonstrate both strong management skills and effective leadership, combining excellent organizational skills with exceptional leadership, influencing and communications skills.

Leading Smart – Effective Project Leadership is an interactive workshop designed to help you develop your leadership style to excel in various project situations, build highly effective teams and deliver projects successfully. Workshop explains the challenges and issues concerning effective project leadership and how to best meet these challenges. The skills you'll learn in this workshop will enable you to apply effective leadership strategies, become more influential, improve your interpersonal communication, help guide your team through change and deal with conflict during the entire project management process.

Workshop focuses on the leadership skills required of project managers and will benefit anyone involved in managing projects large or small wishing to extend or enhance those skills. It will particularly suit those in roles such as project and program managers, project team leaders, leaders of business change and improvement initiatives, functional and resource managers, and project sponsors.   


Learning objectives:

  • Understand different leadership styles, define leadership competencies and develop personal leadership plan
  • Recognize stages of team development, build effective team and empower others
  • Leading the change and appropriate leadership strategies for each stage
  • Foster productive team communication and effectively manage conflict
  • Identify and implement the best negotiation strategy