Workshop: Managing a project portfolio in a rapidly changing environment
Moderator: Marko Šimac  


Date: November 11th 2019

Name of the hall: Mljet/Lastovo

Workshop Schedule: 

Start: 9:00 h Finish: 17:00 h 
Breaks: 10:30-11:00 Coffee break (30 mins) 13:00-13:50 Lunch break (50 mins) 15:00-15:15 Coffee break (15 mins)

Lunch and coffee break are included in price.


The number of participants in the workshop is limited. Register on time!



About workshop

What approaches can we use for project ideation? Are projects supposed to fulfil organization strategy or create business value? What is the influence of the VUCA environment? Risks can be devastating; can we predict the outcomes?

Rapidly changing environments are a newly recognized and increasing challenge in the field of project portfolio management. Traditional prescriptive approaches, orientated around process control, are considered suboptimal in meeting this challenge. The organization success depends on doing the right projects, not just doing projects right. That means making good decisions about which opportunities should become projects. Building a project portfolio and managing the execution can be demanding but also could be lean and agile.


Target group

 This workshop is intended for students and young PM professionals who want to obtain additional information on project portfolio management in a dynamic business environment through interactive "role playing" teamwork and discussions.


Attending this workshop will give you:

 Role playing team workshop using gamification approach gives a great opportunity to the young professional to experience how portfolio management really works.

Portfolio management is about taking that step back and looking at the bigger picture, the amount of funds available for programmes and projects in any organisation is not infinite. The constant challenge is to do more with less. This means prioritising investment and focusing on those initiatives that will deliver the agreed strategic needs and provide the required benefits.