Workshop: Scrum Escape Room: the PMI Forum’s most exciting team game!
Moderator: Jasmina Nikolić


Date: November 11th 2019

Name of the hall: Rab

Workshop Schedule: 

Start: 8:30 h Finish: 16:30 h 
Breaks: 10:00-10:30 Coffee break (30 mins) 12:00-12:50 Lunch break (50 mins) 14:30-14:45 Coffee break (15 mins)

Lunch and coffee break are included in price.


The number of participants in the workshop is limited. Register on time!


About wotkshop

Experience Scrum first hand! Go all the way in one day, from creating a product vision to writing user stories to prioritizing, sprinting and shipping. Enter into the role of Product Owner, Scrum Master or Team Member. Find out what's going on in cross-functional, self-organized teams and Scrum events, and how it feels to have a shippable product increment after each iteration.

There’s a saying that vision without action is a daydream, and action without vision is a nightmare. In the time of ever-changing priorities, maintaining the connection between the two is getting harder. Agile and Scrum teaches us how to conquer what is unknown and unpredictable and translate it into rhythmic cycles of product creation.


This workshop is designed to teach the most used Agile framework - Scrum. It improves learning experience by simulating Scrum product delivery while experiencing all Agile values and principles. This simulation is a perfect aid to practice all the elements of the Scrum framework: roles, events and artifacts.


The workshop participants will be split into two teams and each person will be assigned with a Scrum role. The goal for each team will be to develop the greatest (surprise!) application ever using the Scrum framework. The product delivery will be split into three sprints. Within each sprint, the players will practice Scrum events: sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective.


Without further ado, let’s nail it (before you scale it.)