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We are talking about the actual challenges and trends:

  • Peter Taylor: Only the Business Agile will survive
  • Agata Czopek: New Rules for Building Engaged Teams in a Digital Age
  • Oliver F. Lehmann: The Dynamics of Success and Failure
  • Olivier Lazar: Inertia & Entropy, A Deadly Poison for the Organization and its Remedy: Organizational Agility


Mr. Agile and Mr. Iterative in the clinch:

  • Nenad Trajkovski & Goran Milanov : Mr. Agile and Mr. Iterative talk about the changes in the last 5 years with a look at agile today


We presents best examples from practice:

  • Psychological Safety - How interpersonal risk will push your organization to the next level by Steve Tauber
  • Antonio Prišćan - Kako smo integrirali Cloud i On-premise alate golim rukama


The best project award / Nagrada za projekt  godine

We look for the best projects in 2017.  Report yours!


* Some of the presentations will be held in English language. Presentations in Croatian language will be presented with synchronized translation into English language via translation devices.