Morten Sorensen

Forum keynote presentation: Connect Strategy to Outcomes through Portfolio Alignment

- The End-to-End Strategy Execution Framework for your Organization

Wokshop: : Effective Portfolio Intake, Benefits Realization and Governance

Morten Sorensen, PfMP, PgMP, PMP, ITIL, Vice President, Corporate Project Management Office, Peraton

Morten Sorensen Bio:

  • Morten’s ability to tie leading practices and innovative leadership techniques to some of the most complex problems in Strategy Execution has given him the opportunity to speak to large and diverse audiences on three continents so far.
  • He has been in global IT and Telecommunications for more than 20 years, has held a variety of leadership roles with some of the largest Service Providers in the world and he has lived in both Europe and the US.
  • He is currently Vice President of the Corporate Project Management Office at Peraton in the US. Peraton is a large IT Services Government Contractor.
  • He has coauthored guidelines in areas of PMO practices as well as Benefit Realization Management for the Project Management Institute.
  • He served on PMI’s Organizational Project Management Advisory Group in 2016 and 2017, and is PfMP, PgMP, PMP and ITIL certified.


Korado Korlević

Forum keynote presentation: "Kome pripada budućnost?"

Korado Korlević, rođen u Poreču, 1958. godine, gimnaziju je završio u Puli a Pedagoški fakultet u Rijeci. Jedan je od osnivača Zvjezdarnice Višnjan i Znanstveno edukacijskog centra Višnjan.
Potaknut problematikom srazova Zemlje s asteroidima i kometima potiče aktivnosti vezane uz istraživanja malih tijela Sunčeva sustava pri Zvjezdarnici Višnjan što rezultira i prvim otkrićima asteroida i kometa iz R. Hrvatske. Otkrivač je više od 1400 malih planeta (asteroida) i dva kometa.
Evolucijom edukacijskih programa u Višnjanu pa je jedan od osnivača "Kluba istraživača EXPLORA", "Znanstveno edukacijskog centra Višnjan" i "Hrvatske meteorske mreže".
Od aktivnosti zaštite prirode, pokretač je "Hrvatske udruge za zaštitu noći - Croatian Dark Sky Association" te jedan od organizatora zaštite močvarnog staništa Antenal.
Trenutno se bavi: istraživanjem motivacije, edukacijom u područjima znanstvanog i tehnološkog stvaralaštva, futurologijom, astronomijom malih tijela, promicanjem astronomije i znanosti, projektiranjem i izradom instrumenata i opreme.
Dobitnik je više međunarodnih i hrvatskih nagrada i priznanja.



Marko Šimac

Wokshop: Managing a project portfolio in a rapidly changing environment

 Marko Šimac is a lecturer and a certified project manager. His clients generally need a complete service in all phases of the project portfolio what includes training, assistance in the selection, evaluation and implementation of PM solutions and methodologies, integration with other segments of the IT business systems and professional consulting services in project management. Experience gained working on projects in various industries (construction, energy, ICT, etc.) and collaborating with various experts gives him a broader view of the context of business, which enables the efficient analysis and proactive decision-making. Marko is in the teaching lecturer on PM courses at Algebra University College and University Baltazar Zaprešić. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience in various fields of project portfolio management and successful preparation of candidates for PM certifications. He regularly publishes professional and scientific papers and works intensively to promote project management practise through the professional network. While continuously working on lifelong learning, he is a Microsoft Certified Specialist and Oracle Primavera Specialist and currently finishing postgraduate studies "MBA in Construction".

In the PMI Croatia Chapter Marko is a member of the Executive responsible for academic outreach and Dalmatia branch.



Gordan Krčelić

Workshop: Process improvement with Six Sigma + Lean methodology

 Gordan Krčelić graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and previously obtained a Bachler’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, both at the University of Zagreb. He enrolled in postgraduate doctoral studies at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. Gordan has more than 20 years of experience in working on business processes and business systems in the leading telecommunications company in Croatia. Since 2008, he has been certified as the Six Sigma Green Belt PM, and in 2009 he has obtained a PMP certificate. Working as PM on numerous Business Improvement Projects from 2010 and on, he gets his Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and in 2015 also CSM in agile project management. For the past five years, he works as business analyst and creates E2E process metrics from scratch using SQL for Oracle in corporate DWH. He has held internal Six Sigma educations, has been mentor of Six Sigma Green Belt project managers, has provided internal and external consultancy in the field of change management and project/process management, and held lectures at conferences and events.

In the PMI Zagreb Chapter Gordan is a member of the Executive Board in the second mandate, and currently holds the position of the Vice-President of the Chapter. He is author of several expert articles on data-based decision-making, as well as co-author of several scientific articles in prediction systems and business decision support systems.

He is putting his knowledge on project management in the service to the civil society serving as the president of the amateur swimming club in Pula. As a volunteer, together with the professional coaching staff, he is proud of the projects and programs of civil society that have been running for almost ten years co-funded in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Central State Office for Sport, the cities of Pula and Vodnjan and the municipality of Fažana.


Jasmina Nikolić

Workshop: Scrum Escape Room: the PMI Forum’s most exciting team game!

From Product Vision to Action.

 CEO and CO-Founder at Agile Humans. Agile Organizational Developer, Trainer and Coach since 2010. Specialized in agile organisational culture, agile education, and business and development integration. Has proven record in agile in software development and beyond. Certified Scrum Professional, Kanban Method Coach Professional and Experienced Group Facilitator. Worked in a number of industries, contexts and companies of various sizes, from startups to large corporations, both in public and private sectors. University lecturer since 1999. Teaches Agile Culture at the University La Salle, Barcelona.


Borna Lulić

Workshop: The Unpredictable Factor Z in PM - Perception and Mindset​

For 19 years, Borna has been educating in the educational, public and corporate sectors. His career began teaching philosophy, ethics and logic, and then moved to the Školska knjiga where he worked as an editor. Parallel to editorial work, he is intensively holding professional education all Croatia and was one of the most wanted lecturers in Croatia (approximately 1000 held lectures and workshops). After 8 years of work in the Schoolbook (Školska knjiga) he goes to a consulting house where he has been working as a coach and consultant for 7 years, and holds various education from business, interpersonal and managerial skills for management. Certified for running FranklinCovey training, and using SDI tools by Personal Strengths Publishing USA, and also possesses Coaching and Mentoring International certificates (CMI) and DVNLP- German Association for NLP. A reviewer and book promoter, and he also wrote a book about leadership for teenagers named The Return of Knights in the Release of Planetopia.

In figures: 19 years of work in the field of education 7 years as a coach 29 different theme trainings 40 corporations 270 training days in the last 3 years


Miroslav Aničin

Forum presentation: Establishing a Benefits Management Process

Born in Zadar and graduated from Electro-Technical Faculty, University of Zagreb, on Radiocommunications and Professional Electronics department. At present, he is Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) candidate at the Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management department on Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad. 

He works as a Senior Project Manager, Agile Coach, Agile Transformation Consultant, and Troubled Project Rescue Expert at Toptal, USA. He has led teams and departments with 50+ members through Agile transformation at different organizations and has led up to five concurrent teams with as many as 35 developers on their path out of troubled eCommerce projects and on their way to becoming great Scrum teams.
He is very active as the Past-President of the International Project Management Institute PMI Serbia Chapter. He is highly dynamic, energetic and motivated Executive and Practitioner with 25+ years of diverse experience in Project, Program & Portfolio Management, Organizational Change Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Solution Architecture, Software Development, and Implementation. He also used to lead many ERP implementation projects (MS NAV and SAP), as much other software developments and large organizational transformation projects. He held lectures in Project, Program & Portfolio Management, Business Analysis, and Business Process Management.  


Ratko Mutavdžić

Forum presentation: Managing Project Portfolio with Artificial Intelligence: What results we can expect?

Ratko Mutavdžić is Director, Cloud Services for Public Sector in Central Eastern Europe, with Microsoft. He was working on several management position in Microsoft, driving solution developments Public Sector, starting in a consulting practice and then leadingseveral different sales and technology teams. Currently he is working on a number of advanced technology and platform topics, like Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, enabling them through the use of cloud platforms and technologies, where he research the methodologies and frameworks on how to deliver more efficient and sustainable Government and Enterprise environments. He has studied at University of Zagreb and holds MScEE from Faculty of Computing and Engineering, Zagreb and MBA from Indiana Business School USA, and is a proud co-founder of PMI Zagreb, Croatia.


Dario Novaković

Forum presentation: Leading Smart – Effective Project Leadership

Dario Novaković is Managing Director and founder of the Proteron Consulting since 2011, a consulting company focused on project management consulting and IT solutions. Dario has over 20 years of experience in Project Management and IT Consulting in domestic and international environment. His professional background includes extensive history in the PM consulting and IT business development. During his employment for Microsoft, he worked as project manager, program manager, and services executive, and held numerous workshops and lecturers on the subject of project management. He is a frequent lecturer on various business, technical and project management conferences and seminars. Dario holds a M.Eng. in mechanical engineering and is finalizing his MBA thesis. He is one of the founders of the PMI Croatia Chapter and is PMP certificated since 2005.


Catalin-Teodor Dogaru

Forum presentation: 50 years of PMI

Catalin-Teodor Dogaru, MBA, PhD, PMP, is a trainer, consultant and managing partner at TSP( He is an enthusiast of project, process and program management that constantly seeks out the talent and novelty in this professional domain. LIMC Alumni, MBA and PMP certified, Catalin managed international projects (in Europe, Middle East and Africa), offering, at the same time, dedicated learning sessions that helped growing the project management community. His games, sense of humor, engagement and tenacity are just a few of the elements contributing to the delivery of successful trainings, workshops and presentations, to which participants are always willing to return.


Damir Prusac

Forum presentation: "Achieving an Efficient Flow for Sustainable Portfolio"

Damir Prusac is currently director of Engineering at Infobip - the major CPaaS provider worldwide. Previously he worked for Ericsson - a leading global Telecom vendor. Damir has been working in various countries across Europe, working with different product lines and technologies, from research to product development, product maintenance and customer support. He is one of the pioneers, and nowadays a passionate practitioner in lean and agile SW development correlated with servant and open leadership approach. Experience gathered over the last 13 years he summarized in the book 'On the Trace of Agile Leadership' available on Amazon.


Ivan Šarić

Forum 2019 host

Ivan Šarić se stand up komedijom bavi od 2006. godine od kada je skupio veliku kilometražu
putujući po nastupima po Hrvatskoj, Sloveniji, Srbiji, BiH, ali i u Engleskoj, i trenutno je najveće ime
stand up komedije u Hrvatskoj.
Njegov stil mješavina je opservacijskog i apstraktnog humora primjenjivog na širokoj paleti tema, od
muško-ženskih odnosa, života na Balkanu, života u Dalmaciji, političkih i regionalnih tema pa sve do
sarkastičkog pogleda na samog sebe.
Ovog uspješnog stand-up komičara publika je prvenstveno upoznala kao televizijskog voditelja, a
upravo je tu ulogu mudro iskoristio kako bi gledateljima približio ovu glumačku disciplinu u koju se
upustio prije 13 godina. Te davne 2006. Ivan počinje pisati tekstove za svoje nastupe čija količina
danas prelazi brojku od preko 1500 nastupa.
Dakle za zadnjih 13 godina definitivno ne možemo reći da je uspjeh preko noći, a još manje da je
kratkog daha.
Ivan izvodi samostane autorske predstave u trajanju od sat i pol do dva sata. Ne koristi nikakve
vanjske scenske ili audio efekte – na sceni su samo on i mikrofon.
2016. proslavio je svojih 10 godina karijere, rasprodajući veliku dvoranu Lisinski i to dva puta. Tada
ga je u ta dva dana gledalo 3500 ljudi. Nakon toga, punio je Lisinski još nekoliko puta, a zatim je
2018. krenuo na prvu kazališnu stan up turneju u Hrvatskoj, koja je bila rasprodana unaprijed.
Kao televizijskog voditelja publika ga imala prilike upoznati prije 9 godina kada je počeo na MTV
Adriji, zatim prelazi na RTL televiziju nakon čega je česti gost raznih uspješnih projekata na
hrvatskim televizijama a neki od njih su i “Tvoje lice zvuči poznato” na Novoj TV, te nezaboravan
projekt “Ples sa zvijezdama” u kojem je javnost uspjela upoznati i plesnu vještinu ovog
multitaletiranog muškarca.



Živa Legenda

Forum 2019 party band

Živa legenda, legendarna zagrebačka klupska atrakcija, neki kažu, najbolji je hrvatski ‘cover band’. Sastavljena od odličnih glazbenika, izvrsnom svirkom i atmosferom te probranim repertoarom najbolje domaće i strane glazbe dugi niz godina zabavlja široku publiku.