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Dalibor Kovačević - Industry stories: Banking - Rocky Path to Agile Organization

PMI Forum 2022

How to turn a classic organization (and is there anything more classic than a bank) into an agile one? This is a question they asked themselves a long time ago, and the answer, says Dalibor Kovačević, Head of IT at RBA, is a difficult one. What he'll try to give us is an insight into what their journey looks like and what they see as the key aspects of their success and failure, what agile means to them, what they want to achieve, and how they got to the point where they are, and they feel they have come far. The idea is to tell everything from his point of view, and he claims to be an "agile enthusiast".


About the speaker

Dalibor Kovačević is currently the Director of IT at RBA, and before that he worked as a security director in two banks. He worked in several different companies including EY, Deloitte, HT and HPB, and some of the bigger projects he dealt with, which were not directly in his field of work, were GDPR implementation, the introduction of a hybrid way of working in RBA - RBAlity and Agile transformation.


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