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Davor Perić - Industry Stories: Constructing - Challenges of complex construction projects - implementation of the CPJD project: Pelješac bridge with access roads

PMI Forum 2022

The project "Road connection with southern Dalmatia" is the largest infrastructure project of Hrvatske ceste, worth more than 3 billion HRK. The completion of the construction and opening of the Pelješac bridge and part of the access roads connected the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and the implementation of the project itself took place in an extremely challenging period of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, and then the inflation of energy and material prices. The project was coordinated and collaborated with some of the largest international construction companies, and it is also the first infrastructure project in the Republic of Croatia where technical inspections were carried out with the help of a digital platform for managing construction documentation.

About the speaker

Davor Perić, a graduate civil engineer is working as a Project manager at Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. He has been working on the CPJD project since January 2019, starting with the first work on the construction of the Pelješac Bridge as an associate to the CPJD Project Manager.


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