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Iva Kvakić - Futuremakers – New Technologies: Guide to blockchain and web3 for project managers

PMI Forum 2022

A project manager's guide to navigating blockchain and web3

Blockchain and web3 will have a huge impact on the future of doing business, including the role of project managers. The rapid pace of innovation in the blockchain space is creating profound challenges as well as opportunities. In order to keep up, organizations and individuals need to adapt to successfully manage the potential and impact of these technologies. These topics will be discussed at PMI Forum 2022 by Iva Kvakić, co-founder of the Alice in Blockchains association, which connects and empowers women in the field of fintech and blockchain areas. 


About the speaker

Iva Kvakić is a consultant with many years of experience in developing digital products and managing projects in various sectors from IT, eCommerce, and event management, all the way to blockchain. She currently works as an operations manager in a renowned web development agency specializing in purpose-driven projects and campaigns. She is the co-founder of Alice in Blockchains, an association with the goal of financial literacy and empowerment of women in fintech and blockchain.


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