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Marina Dražić - Smart projects for sustainable products! Prepare a smart strategy and vision for project start and ensure the success of the project goals

PMI Forum 2022

The starting point of every product is the vision. A quality vision inspires and guides agile teams, product and project managers, development teams, and everyone else who participates in the development process of a new product. Based on the vision and strategy, the teams further produce project documentation - product backlog, user stories, project plans, charters, and specifications.

Product strategy is the ticket to travel. Long term. Strategy is not just a static statement on paper, but a management process that leads to a specific goal.

When do problems arise?

a) When there is no strategy.

b) When the strategy is focused on the goals and problems of the company, and not on the market and users.

c) When the strategy is developed by only one person.

d) When no one understands the vision (not even the author himself).

Everything that we wrongly envisioned for the product at the very beginning will later come back to haunt us and be charged through an increase in project costs or through poor sales results or unsatisfied users of the product we put on the market.

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the standards and best market practices for the preparation of strategic guidelines for launching the development of digital products. The topic is important and applicable for the preparation of projects in traditional development and in agile forms.

The training consists of two chapters where the topics will be covered:

Chapter 1:

1. Digital product vision

2. Long-term product strategy - Product roadmap

3. Product KPI

Chapter 2:

1. Value proposition of the product

2. Development and testing of MVP

3. Hybrid product development (Waterfall / Lean /Agile product development)

Workshop participants will acquire the following competencies and knowledge:

  • Create key strategic elements of the product that will serve the development and project teams: product vision and product roadmap.
  • Set short-term and long-term product development and management strategy.
  • Learn the technique of connecting the Minimum Viable Product with the long-term product strategy.
  • Find out what the value proposition of a product means in practice and why it is important for the success of the project and the sustainability of the product.
  • Find out which criteria are key to selecting and modeling a hybrid project management model.



Marina Dražić, PMP, Owner and consultant @ Prototip05 d.o.o., www.prototip05.hr 

  • Project portfolio manager and lecturer at the University of Algebra
  • Consultant, trainer and mentor in the field of product development
  • Consultant, trainer and mentor in the field of project portfolio management (PMO)
  • Over 15 years of work experience in product and project management in management and development positions


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