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Nenad Antolović - The Future of Smart Cities - CEKOM - Projects of information and communication solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens

PMI Forum 2022

Nenad Antolović is a board member and director of TD Smart RI, and in his lecture, he will tell us more about how "smart" technologies will improve citizens' quality of life in Rijeka!

Nenad Antolović is a board member-director of TD Smart RI, which is the holder and applicant of the Competence Center for Smart Cities project. Smart RI d.o.o. was founded by the City of Rijeka, and the project will enable the city of Rijeka to become a test and demonstration center for "smart" technologies, in which pilot projects will be implemented to improve products and/or services to the level of readiness for commercialization. Furthermore, within the management function, Smart RI d.o.o. provides administrative, organizational and logistical support to other members of CEKOM.


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