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Our volunteers have started the course "Development of projects for financing from EU funds"!


Last Wednesday, our volunteers started a course under the name "Development of projects for financing from EU funds", a very valuable program made possible by Mario Protulipac from Okviri znanja.

The goal of this course is to expand the knowledge of volunteers of PMI Croatia, train them for the implementation of EU projects and potentially through the training itself develop a project that will contribute to the entire community in expanding the horizons and knowledge of project management.

The training is very detailed and lasts about 2 months, and our volunteers attend the training once a week where they work together on a real example. At the lectures themselves, after a short theoretical part as an introduction to each individual session, volunteers work practically on tasks that are normally carried out when preparing a project for financing from EU funds.

The entire process in the first session began with an introduction to the methodology used, the main theoretical terms and a brief overview of the entire process of preparing a project for financing from EU funds. After the theoretical part, our volunteers discovered potential ideas and opportunities for project implementation.

Thank you, Mario and Okviri znanja for the selfless sharing of knowledge and experience, and to WYG Consulting for supporting and enabling the holding of this live education.


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