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Workshop - Marina Dražić - Inovation in Project Management

PMI Forum 2023

Moderator: Marina Dražić

Date: 8 November 2023. (post-conference day) - 9:00-17:00


Innovative product, service and process solutions are today the goal of every organization and an element of almost every project. It is known that behavioral skills such as observing and questioning users in certain situations and bravely connecting diversity are key to innovation. In order to be successful in this, you do not necessarily need to be an extremely talented innovator who writes history, but it is enough to know and understand the concepts of innovation and experimentation that you can easily share with colleagues and apply in everyday business. Such knowledge "unlocks" your creativity and skills that help you create sustainable project ideas. Furthermore, good ideas will not be successfully implemented if you have not structured the project well and set metrics that are not only related to measuring the progress of the project but go much further into the life cycle of the solution being developed. The workshop is useful for everyone who participates in the creation and management of projects with elements of innovation, the preparation of feasibility studies, the preparation of the project case and the setting of project metrics.


At the workshop, the participants will work on concrete examples and exercises to cover the following topics:

Innovation generation techniques

  • Experimentation and prototyping in cooperation with users, selection of techniques and application in everyday practice
  • Application of psychology, sociology and anthropology for the need to create innovative solutions
  • Innovation techniques according to the standards of the Global Innovation Institute
  • UX at the center of product and service development innovation projects


Key elements of an innovation project

  • Project charter of the innovation project
  • Feasibility and Finance Study
  • The life cycle of an innovation project
  • Metrics for measuring the performance of the innovation ecosystem

Project portfolio architecture with innovation programs

  • Portfolio architecture
  • OKR/KPI portfolio management system
  • Strategic planning of innovations through Horizons 1-3
  • Competences of innovators in entrepreneurship and larger systems
  • R&D forms

Concepts and terminology of innovation - good to know

  • Basic terms used in innovation projects

Marina is a certified expert in product and project management with more than 20 years of experience working on product development and portfolio management projects. He is a member of the working group for creating standards for the Product Manager profession (HKO) and co-founder of the Total Experience Association. She is a long-time member of PMI Croatia and previously a member of the executive board and director of the PMI Forum. Marina mentors startups in the Bird Incubator organization and collaborates with entrepreneurs in solving design challenges and implementing product development projects with a focus on understanding the real needs of users. Separate certificates: PMP (Project Management Institute) and Design Thinking (Global Innovation Institute). Home - Prototip05


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