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Workshop - Petar Štefanić - Public and Media Speaking

PMI Forum 2023

Moderator: Petar Štefanić

Date: 6 November 2023. (pre-conference day)


Fear of public speaking is one of man's biggest phobias. Do you think you can talk about any topic, but when you see a microphone or a camera on, your confidence disappears? You struggle with structuring the message you want to send, your thought has no end, you don't know what to do with your hands while you speak, you don't know who you're sending the message to, your expression is too professional, bureaucratic and without passion... You want to explain to someone in the general public what the job of a project manager actually involves manager, but it doesn't work for you... How to overcome nervousness? How to formulate the key message? How to improve your performance in the media or public?

At the workshop "Public appearance and appearance in the media", listen to the advice of Petar Štefanić, a long-time journalist, now a communications consultant. Listen to advice from a person who has a lot of valuable experience and practical and concrete knowledge in communication.

The workshop is intended for everyone who wants to improve their performance, first of all in the media, especially electronic media, but also for those who want to practice any type of public performance in front of an audience.

The workshop lasts 5 hours (10:00-15:00)


During the first part of the workshop, we will watch a lecture on how modern media work and how to use the media to send your own message. During the presentation, the goal is to interactively analyze the problems that the workshop participants observe in their own communication.

  • Media in the 21st century (technology is changing the paradigm of the way of communication, a large number of media, social networks...)
  • The form and content of the media appearance (fear and how to get rid of it, how to improve your non-verbal communication and harmonize it with verbal)
  • How to formulate a key message?
  • ATM'S bridging technique - techniques for answering provocative and awkward questions (answer, transition, message, sell)
  • View examples of successful and unsuccessful interviews
  • Tips from practice, how to treat a journalist
  • Learning and applying rhetorical figures (metaphor, anaphora, rhetorical question, pause as a technique...)
  • Watching and analyzing the best speeches and speakers in history

During the second part, the exercise is adopted from the first part.

The duration of the training depends on the number of participants interested in training.

  • Simulation of giving a short statement
  • Simulation of a shorter interview
  • Exercises in using rhetorical figures, sound bites, shortening the key message
  • Panel discussion simulation
  • Simulation of a ceremonial speech or parliamentary performance
  • Press conference simulation

Petar Štefanić was born in 1973 in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. He graduated in philosophy and linguistics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb.

His 18-year journalistic career began in 2001 in the internal politics editorial office of Croatian Radio. Soon after that, already in 2005, he received an offer to move to HRT as host and editor of the respected political show Otvoreno. After leaving the position of head of Otvoreni, he edited and ran a number of popular political magazines on public television, including Post Scriptum, and Dossier.hr, Spektar and Labirint. In parallel, he worked as a journalist in the central HRT Dnevnik and a reporter in Latinica, and he edited and hosted the evening news.

In 2016, he moved to N1, where he hosted and edited the evening talk show Pressing for three years. In the show, which is broadcast three times a week, Štefanić hosted a wide circle of protagonists from the socio-political life of Croatia, as well as from culture and sports.

At the end of 2019, he founded his communications company, Word. He now transfers his long-term media experience to clients he trains for media appearances, and at the same time moderates and leads panels and conferences.

He stands out in his media training for political parties in Croatia, leading managers of large companies, as well as for numerous officials in the Croatian business and public sector.

In the field of moderation, the conferences he did as part of tech events such as the Bug Future Show, Debug and Windays, the famous regional Weekend Media festival, as well as Greencajt, which deals with issues of sustainability and green policies, stand out the most.


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