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Workshop - Tatjana Kotarski - Change Management Masterclass – Theory and practice how to lead change in organization

PMI Forum 2023

Moderator: Tatjana Kotarski

Date: 6 November 2023. (pre-conference day) 9:00-17:00


Change is inevitable, but it is rarely insurmountable.

Project management principle 12 "Enable change to achieve the envisioned future state" asserts that project professionals should prepare those affected to adopt and maintain new and different behaviors and processes necessary to move from the current state to the planned future state created by the outcomes project.

Projects create and bring about change, and change is often the catalyst for project authorization. This is why PMI gave project professionals the nickname "changemaker". To think of your project as part of the organization in which it "lives" is to be part of any change initiative that the organization undertakes. PMI calls this a systems approach to project management. It includes an understanding of change management.

The training is ideal for project professionals and change-makers at all levels who are responsible for driving change within their organizations. Project professionals will deepen their knowledge and position themselves as trusted experts who can support or potentially lead organizational transformation. This training covers the processes, best practices, frameworks and strategies behind major organizational transformations and enables organizations to harness internal talent to transform from within.

The training framework covers the right skill set for transformation project managers based on the PMI Talent Triangle: strategic and business management expertise, domain expertise (WoW) and leadership capabilities.

Let's learn about strategies, tools and techniques for managing organizational change!



1. Business environment and the role of change management

  • Understanding the environment
  • Recognizing and diagnosing the need for change
  • Change management in the context of organizational project management

2. Design processes and sustainability of changes

  • Process models of change
  • Change life cycle framework
  • Designing an implementation strategy
  • How to make the change stick

3. Adoption of change through "power skills" - leadership and stakeholder management

  • The role of leadership in change management
  • Change Management Checklist
  • Communication framework between change agents and organization members
  • Motivating others to change
  • Critical success factors

4. Key messages

Tatjana Kotarski, PgMP, PMP, ACP, DASSM

Tatjana is a project manager, trainer, mentor and coach with extensive experience in managing programs and projects. With a master's degree in information technology, she started her professional career in a private IT company and gained experience in IT implementation and integration projects of ERP, DMS and "custom-tailored" systems in the public and real sector. She currently works as a Project & Program Manager and an internal trainer in the field of project management at Erste Bank Hrvatska, where she applies her knowledge of project management in the financial industry (strategic digitization projects, new product development, predictive models, web portals, etc.).

Tatjana is also the owner of pm4you, a company that provides training, certification, business consulting on a wide range of project topics, individual coaching and mentoring on projects, and personal development of leadership skills for project managers.

Tatjana is an accredited PMI ATP instructor and has the EMCC Global EIA Practitioner level of individual accreditation for coaching/mentoring, a DISC Flow® coaching license and is a volunteer in PMI Croatia.


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