Interested in marketing and project management?

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Develop your marketing skills with us, learn new things and all that while staying in touch with the world of project management.

What will you do in Marketing Team?

Website Content

One of the main activities is maintaining and adapting website content to offer the best possible information to the visitors

Blog Posts

Writing and adapting industry-themed blog posts is one of the ways how PMI contributes to the popularisation of project management in Croatia


Write, create and distribute news and premium information from PMI world to the members and supporters

Social Media

Creating posts, social media plans and researching new ways to communicate with our audience on several social media channels

Digital Content Strategy

Brainstorming about new ways of delivering content, news and information to our target audience is a key activity in Marketing Team

Campaigns for Events etc.

Special occasions require special marketing campaigns. Collaborate with other teams and organisers to promote events

Why choose Marketing Team?

Functioning of the Marketing Team is one of the key activities for sharing information, news and knowledge about project management with the community. Find your place with us and hone your skills while giving back to others!

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