The PMI Zagreb Branch is active since 2010 and is organizing the traditional local monthly gatherings (Monthly Meetups or MJOK-s) in the area of ​​Zagreb and northwestern Croatia as well as various professional seminars and workshops.
Those events are intended for everyone - both existing and future members and all those who want to expand their knowledge, expand their network of business acquaintances and gather information about the best practices and trends in project management.

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Monthly Meetups (MJOK-s)

Socializing, making new acquaintances, informing about news, exchanging experience in the profession

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Relax and Retreat (R&R)

Trips and gatherings inside and outside the country => follow News and Calendar not to miss new dates!

Professional lectures, seminars, workshops and webinars

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Together with you, we want to encourage expertise in project management, recognize and promote knowledge about successfully managed projects, and thus be a (pro)active partner to society and the economy in the region.

Jovana Kepčija Pavlović

Be a MJOK host!

Help organize a Monthly Meetup in your company and give your employees a chance to present their successes. Reach out to Jovana and make it happen!

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Explore what MJOK is, how it went on previous occasions and join us!

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Darko Mesar

Apply to volunteer in PMI Zagreb

Darko, as a PMI Zagreb Branch manager, is here to answer any of your questions regarding branch activities and events. Reach out to him with your ideas or inquiries and explore your volunteering possibilities!

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