Why Volunteer in Events Team?

Collaboration-orange.png  Find events for you!

You can be a volunteer at various events organized by PMI Croatia - PMI Forum, Monthly Meetups (popular MJOKs), LightUp 360, PMI Dayz meetings and educational events

Teamwork-purple.png  What can you expect?

Gaining experience, networking with experts from various fields, developing PM skills, a pleasant working atmosphere, people who are always there even after volunteering


Growth-blue.png  What will be expected of you?

Providing essential information to the participants in a professional manner, participating in preparatory meetings, contributing to a friendly atmosphere, sharing your ideas and enabling the flow of information, developing volunteering skills by learning about PM, and making sure that the events pass with as few problems as possible

What our volunteers say

Volunteering at PMI Croatia opened the door to the PM world for me through meeting experts, learning new methodologies and the possibility of acquiring new practical skills. A volunteer who comes to PMI to volunteer once wants to return because of the friendly atmosphere, the contacts that can be made, but also because of the fact that they gain experience in a global organization. PMI can bring a lot of new experiences and knowledge to people who work in project management, which can be used already tomorrow in the work environment. The recommendation to potential volunteers is to get in touch and be part of an organization that gives much more than it asks from its volunteers, and a friendly team of collaborators is just the icing on the cake.

Jovana Kepčija Pavlović

Volunteering at PMI brought me a lot of experiences, new ideas and new acquaintances. Everything is done together, and everyone comes to help when something is needed, both volunteers and organizers, whoever is closer. This is why every stressful situation is resolved quickly and with a smile 😊 After a successful event, there will be a get-together where you have the opportunity to talk and get to know the speakers. I recommend this experience to everyone! 😃

Tonka Varnica

PMI volunteering is one of the nicest events I remember. From a great team of volunteers, wacky organizers who have the organization in the palm of their hand, all the way to interesting speakers and their life and business stories. The tasks I performed were challenging, but mostly simple. I especially liked the task with the bell. If you are interested in the details, apply! 😃

Ivona Varnica

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