PMI Croatia is divided into four territorial branches: Zagreb, Osijek, Dalmatia and Istria and Kvarner. 
See what each branch has to offer, what are they doing locally and how can you get involved in each of them! 

PMI Zagreb

This branch covers Zagreb, the biggest city in Croatia and surroundings as is known for organizing the Monthly Gatherings, popular as MJOK-s.

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PMI Osijek

PMI Osijek has a strong community in the Slavonia region and is resposible for the organization of PMIDayz and other great events.

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PMI Dalmatia

PMI Dalmatia is looking for individuals to join them in making the PM community stronger in the region!

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PMI Istria and Kvarner

See what this region in Croatia has to offer for project managers, join them and help build the community.

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