Experience Osijek in 3 Dayz of Project Management

PMIDayz is a conference in Osijek which aims to popularize topics from Project Management so that a wider audience understands its importance.
Since in life and professional career of every visitor there is a whole series of projects that they encounter, whether, in their private life or professional career (change of job, buying or selling a house, annual vacation, wedding, ...), every conference participant will find something that will specifically help, or at least understand where he went wrong in one of his previous life projects.
Some of our famous guests were: Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, Stipe Božić, Rajko Grlić, Zijah Sokolović, Zlatko Sakač, Goran Milić and many more!


Pre-Conference Day

The conference begins with a pre-conference day, during which a specific topic is covered in detail through a full-day workshop / training. Expand your knowledge while directly working on the problem.


Conference Day

The conference day deals with the given topic through a series of 6-8 lectures presented by top lecturers. After workshops, it's a great way to delve further into the topic and discuss it with experts.


Team Building

The third day is traditionally held in Baranja, where it enables the participants to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, through participation in project teams that practically solve various project tasks.

Why come to PMIDayz?

The conference brings together project managers from neighbouring countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia) to exchange knowledge with renowned lecturers from the region.
Each conference is thematically related to a certain methodological discipline or deals with the peculiarities of project management in some professions.

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